Kid’s Safety is paramount so we really ask all kids and their parents to read and follow our safety instructions: direct parent supervision is required to supervise children when they ride and reinforce all the safety messages.

Always wear helmet and protective equipment when riding your Ezyroller.



First the help of an adult is required for assembly: the box contains small parts which before assembly present a potential choking hazard to children under 3.

Make sure that all parts and packaging is kept out of reach of children. Keep finger and body parts away when folding, unfolding and adjusting size; you will also need to keep your fingers and hands away from the wheels when using your Ezyrollers!

This includes never and we mean never ever using your Ezyroller near car, traffic, pools or when visibility is impaired. Also never use your Ezyroller on slopes, near steps, hills or swimming pools.

Your Ezyroller is designed to be used on sold flat, clean and dry surfaces where its motion principle is most efficient. The brake is not designed to stop your Ezyroller at high speed; this will cause excessive wear of the wheels that will need replacing. It can also damage the structural strength of your Ezyroller.